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All innovative projects submitted by individuals or groups residing in Italy are eligible to “Innovation needs Lega Serie A”.
Participating to Innovation needs Lega Serie A” is free and consistent with any other business competition or business game event, italian or international.
The Call for Talents – turns to new graduates which on the date of submission:
  • have achieved a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Marketing and Communication from less than 12 moths;
  • are younger than 29 years old.
participants will deal with:​
  • smart ticketing, ticketing management and services integration;
  • sustainable mobility, accessibility and assessment of services to reach the stadium.

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The call for talents expects 3 finalists

Stage at AlmavivA S.p.A. and feasibility study for the technical implementation of the project.

Stage at AlmavivA S.p.A.

Stage at AlmavivA S.p.A.

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