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Francesco Turco

Interview with Francesco Turco, Marketing Manager – Italy, Talkwalker

What does it mean for you to take part in Social Football Summit?

Social Football Summit is a recurring event in Italy for Talkwalker, in which we always gladly participate. With its vibrant and uber-engaged fan base, the sports & entertainment industry has much to gain from social listening and consumer intelligence, which allows them to develop the best strategies to get closer to their target audiences and generate further engagement with the younger demographics.

What are the main services offered?

Talkwalker is the leading Consumer Intelligence acceleration platform that provides brands with consumer insights which can be easily implemented into their strategies. The platform branches into three products: Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence and Social Intelligence. On top of our market leading technology, our global Activate team of insights analysts and data storytellers helps guide brand professionals through the data and reveal the cultural stories at the heart of each brand’s community. 

Can you give us an overview regarding the products mentioned: Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, and Social Intelligence? How about Social Content Ratings?

We designed our platform by listening to the consumer insights needs expressed by brands around the world, in every industry. Market Intelligence is focused on industry insights, and allows you to track trends about your target industry. Customer Intelligence is a window into the pool of consumers, allowing you to capture their feedback and understand how they interact with brands. Finally, Social Intelligence will let you extract  consumer insights from social media, blogs, forums, and review sites, allowing you to discover new opportunities, protect your brand reputation, and strengthen your digital impact. Social Content Ratings is a platform that allows to keep track of social engagement and video performance in the media and entertainment industry, and it’s especially popular in Italy.

Your mission is “Helping to build brands that are loved”; what added value can you provide to Clubs, Organizations, and Brands operating in the soccer industry?

As I mentioned, in my view an important juncture in the sports and entertainment industry at this historical stage is the generational shift in audiences. Younger generations are utterly familiar with the digital, in terms of connectivity, engagement and advocacy. However, these possibilities bring a wide choice in terms of content fruition. Clubs, sponsors, and leagues need to figure out how and where to create touch points with new audiences. A solid listening infrastructure that provides consistent and reliable audience insights enables tracking and anticipating trends, so those in the sports industry can bridge the gap with their audiences and generate positive momentum.

What are the main challenges that Talkwalker wants to undertake and overcome in the near future?

In the past two years, during the vehement push toward digital brought about by the pandemic, many brands have understood even more fully the value of listening practices for expanding communication with audiences and unlocking new sales channels and revenue opportunities. We have found that many companies in Italy see us as a guide in the digital push, both in terms of product quality and know-how, to track the rapid changes in consumer behavior. We want to continue to be a benchmark in this framework, leading the digitization of businesses on par with other big names in the technology sector.