More and more football fans around the world are watching Sevilla FC matches and interacting with the club, with the Andalusian having worked hard in the past few years to develop their brand globally. As part of these efforts to enhance the club’s branding, digitalisation and internationalisation, Sevilla FC launched a new audiovisual identity at the end of 2021.

Through collaboration with branding consultancy Summa, Sevilla FC created a club-wide visual identity last year, one which was inspired by the city of Seville and its traditions. The audiovisual identity gives continuity to this new look and has four key aspects: the typography (with large, uncomplicated, strong and forceful letters), the iconography (with symbols of the city of Seville), the grid (with these information blocks resembling the ones seen on traditional Sevillian posters) and the rhythm (with audio bumpers and stingers using an energetic dry sound from the click of a flamenco shoe).

“We have worked with well-defined and solid values that are closely linked to the culture and heritage of the city, including its people, traditions, character and more,” explained Vanessa Basora, the brand director at Sevilla FC. “All these ingredients help create a solid and distinctive identity, which is fresh, current and adapted for new digital environments, while it sounds like Seville and Andalusia through the flamenco rhythm. That unique duality makes this audiovisual identity stand out.”

Sevilla FC launched its branding project in September of 2019, as part of the club’s overall growth strategy. The objectives of this project are to position the club’s brand in a distinct and unique way, to achieve global recognition and relevance, to reach new audiences and markets, and to make the most of the club’s synergy with the brand that is the city of Seville. Creating a visual identity in 2020/21 was one big step, as is the rollout of the audiovisual identity in 2021/22.

“It was key to equip the brand with a modern and dynamic audiovisual structure that can connect with current and potential audiences in an attractive way,” Basora said, outlining why the club took this step now. “We’d had the new branding and visual identity for a year and it had been very well received, taking the club to a new level. Once that was implemented and accepted by the Sevilla FC community, it was then the perfect time to tackle the new audiovisual universe. We responded to an unequivocal need to update and create an attractive model that was modern and built for new platforms and audiences.”

The new typography, iconography, grid and rhythm are being used on Sevilla FC TV and also across the club’s digital channels. It is an exciting time for the club as they expand their social media reach across platforms and languages. For example, they are currently working to set up a channel on Twitch and join the Chinese social network Douyin, reaching younger and more international audiences in doing so.

All of this helps Sevilla FC to keep growing, which will ultimately provide the club with more commercial opportunities. “Following the launch [of the new identity], the club’s brand has grown significantly on an international level and, as these indicators improve even further, this will be reflected directly or indirectly in the current and potential business opportunities for the club,” Basora concluded.