Sean Egly, Head of Growth at ‘Seyu – Together for Victory!’, revealed the secrets of the platform that brings fans closer to their favourite teams.

Seyu – Together for Victory is a revolutionary way to connect remote fans with their beloved teams and stars during matches in real time.

It is a real-time, fan engagement, photo sharing solution that allows right holders to collect fan data and instantly distribute safe, user generated content on their existing platforms.
This technology solution helps sport industry partners to generate more revenue on already sold commercial surfaces by building a desired emotional bridge between brands and fans.

Seyu is an easy-to-implement, proven solution for more than 200 events, assisted by artificial intelligence, that uses the existing IT infrastructure of sports industry partners to enable fans around the world, through a moderated channel, to post their photos on LED scoreboards and other screens in stadiums on match days, and share them instantly on social media in branded frames.

To delve deeper into the world of Seyu – Together for Victory fan engagement and find out what’s interesting about the platform, we interviewed Sean Egly, Head of Growth at the company.

When and how did the idea of creating Seyu come about?

Tom the founder and CEO wanted to take his little cousin to the Hungarian National Team’s League of Nations home game back in 2018, but was left empty handed and couldn’t get tickets they were sold out. It was in particular a tough time as he was living abroad and it wasn’t easy to make it to the stadium for home games in general. They watched the match from home, but there wasn’t any way for them to show their devotion or send a message to the team. It turned out he wasn’t alone. After some research he found out 99% of fans can’t make it to the stadium or won’t be able to buy tickets. That’s when the idea came to create a solution that brings remote fans closer to their beloved teams.

What need and demand do you want to satisfy?

Fans are emotional creatures and love to show their passion for their teams and players. Belonging is a primal human need.

In the meantime teams, federations and sponsors are looking for modern mobile first fan engagement solutions that entertain fans and involve fans to offer the best experience. In particular today when over 90% of fans “double screen” (look at their smartphones)  while they watch matches on TV or in the stadium. Seyu offers fans a chance to take selfies and add a motivating message to post them to stadium displays through a moderated channel. Selfies can be displayed in any physical LED, virtual inventory or livestreams.

The pandemic has accelerated the process of digitisation of the sports world and posed the problem of closed stadiums and remote fan valorisation/monetisation, with Seyu what is the benefit that a club can get?

Through our platform clubs can increase their remote fanbase, identify and learn more about all sports fans, collect demographic, geographical, behavioural data and further market intelligence. This will result in more valuable sponsorship deals, increased merchandise and ticket sales and fan data monetization.

Fan loyalty today is an increasingly complicated issue. What opportunities can Seyu generate?

Fan base through social media platforms have great limitations in terms of personalized offers that bring higher lifetime value as market insights are predominantly owned by platform providers. Seyu enables clubs to transform social media fans into devoted long term fans with increased purchase value and frequency. This is achieved with the market intelligence and the commercial inventory Seyu offers to clubs, teams, federations, sponsors and all rights holders.