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bacconi - Social Football Summit

Adriano Bacconi

Adriano Bacconi, a sports science graduate from Dijon, is a professional athletic trainer and coach, with this role he recently worked at Inter with Roberto Mancini, current coach of the Italian National Football Team. - He designed first FARM and then DigitalSoccer the first software to do match analysis in real time in the 1990s working with the likes of Sacchi, Lucescu, Lippi, Tabarez, Houllier, Capello, Ancelotti and many others. - He was head of match analysis area of World Champion Italy at WC2006. He created IM Coach, an artificial intelligence-based tool to give predictive guidance to coaches on the bench. He is Infront Media and Lega Serie A consultant, assisting them in innovating technology workflows and business models. - He is a well-known TV commentator having introduced a new sports data-driver language in many important sports magazines of Rai. - He has written books on physical preparation and tactical match analysis, as well as trained many coaches and match analysts in the method he created called Football 4D. For this reason, he is considered the father of Match Analysis.