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>Alessandro De Grandi

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Alessandro De Grandi

Alessandro De Grandi, Italian Enterpreneur, is 40 years old and live and work in Switzerland, although he oftew travel all around the world. Since he was a kid, he has always been fascinated by airplanes, space, science, electronics and computers and he used his creativity to experiment in the fields of hardware and software. Alessandro founded his first startup at the age of 18, “Esaplanet, the cash & carry of IT services.” With Esaplanet’s 2010 exit, he finances other startup projects. Today Alessandro is one of the most passionate promoters of virtual reality and he is the CEO and founder of The Nemesis, an international metaverse platform for the mass market, built around gamification and entertaining experiences, where anyone can create, own and manage their own spaces. He is a passionate technology expert well known in Italy and abroad and his background as a developer led him to become one of the five TIM Digital Ambassadors in Italy in 2018 and to experiment high-level collaborations with corp such as Microsoft, Axa, Generali, Sky and Carrefour. In 2015 he realizes he can revolutionize the use of the web by integrating it with virtual and augmented reality systems – and that idea gave birth to The Nemesis project.