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Alessandro De Grandi

Entrepreneur Alessandro De Grandi, 40, was born in Milan but lives and works in Switzerland, although he often travels to Italy, Europe and America. His passion for science, applied electronics and information technology led him from a very young age to experiment creatively in the hardware and software fields. Alessandro founded his first startup at the age of 18: Esaplanet, the cash & carry of IT services, thanks to which he was able to finance other projects as well. Today he is one of the most passionate promoters of virtual reality technology and is the founder and CEO of The Nemesis, the Metaverse applied to gaming and entertainment dedicated to the mass market. Alessandro De Grandi is known to insiders above all in Italy thanks to his skills in the digital sector: in the last 10 years he has collaborated with numerous large corporates such as for example Microsoft, Carrefour, AXA and Generali as a technology consultant, he was chosen by TIM as one of the 5 Digital Ambassadors for 2015 and has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences and universities, from Trento to Bari, from La Sapienza in Rome to the Bicocca in Milan. The general public has recently known him for some interventions on social networks with the technology communicator Marco Montemagno and for the interviews broadcast on RAI channels and in the press of national circulation on the theme of the Metaverse and its applications in the Web2 and Web3 fields. In April 2022, he was summoned by the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate of the Italian Republic to intervene as an expert in the sector during the hearing on the subject of the Metaverse and its implications for the legal system. Abroad, Alessandro De Grandi has presented his digital projects in numerous international competitions dedicated to startups. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the victory of The Nemesis at CES in Las Vegas in 2020 as one of the most innovative projects of the year.