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>Gabriele Gravina

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gravina - Social Football Summit

Gabriele Gravina

Was born in 1953 in Castellaneta, in the province of Taranto. He is an entrepreneur and former university lecturer, as well as vice president of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma and president of the executive committee. He began his career in football as president of Castel di Sangro, a town in Abruzzo of six thousand inhabitants, which leads to the threshold of Serie A achieving a real sports miracle. At the federal level, he began as a member of the National Professional League of Serie C (now the Italian Professional Football League), and then became president in 2015. Several times head delegation of the Italian National Team, he led in 2004 the last international winning expedition of an Italian youth selection: the European Under-21 Champion in Germany, then bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Athens. After serving as Federal Councillor, on 22 October 2018 he was elected President of the Italian Football Federation, a position in which he was reconfirmed on 22 February 2021 for the next four years. On 20 April of the same year he was the most voted in the election for the renewal of the members of the UEFA Executive Committee.