Kevin J. Meredith

SpecialityFounder and Chief Executive Officer - Global Sports Initiatives

Kevin J. Meredith, Esq is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Sports Initiatives, Inc (GSI) headquartered in Miami, Florida. After a stadium development project fell through when COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, he turned his focus on how to make existing and future stadiums and arenas profitable without the need for physical attendance. This turned into the massive digital infrastructure as a monetization service business model that GSI offers today. GSI can turn all sports, Esports, and event venues around the world into Smart Spaces a.k.a. Smart Stadiums, which become by effect automated and next generation content production studios, both quickly and cost effectively. The seamless integration of the technology then creates exponentially more new and novel revenue streams for associated entities by providing immersive and interactive ways to engage fans in commerce voluntarily before, during, and after matches year round