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Luca Danovaro

Luca Danovaro was appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Inter in July 2018 assuming responsibility for brand development strategies and activities including partnership marketing, international marketing, fan engagement, CRM, business and digital marketing and event organisation, as well as supervision of the production of video and digital content of the Inter Media House. Danovaro leads the development of brand strategies with a view to expanding it on a global scale with a particular focus on the new generations, thanks to tailor-made contents. The CMO is also leading the repositioning process of the Inter brand, based on the new values of the Club in its transformation into a global business, as demonstrated by the evolution of the company into a Media Company. The most important moment of the new branding path of the Club is the launch of the new Inter logo in March 2021, celebrated by the narrative I M. During his career Danovaro has collaborated with brands of the caliber of Moleskine, Samsung and Nike, developing the knowledge and experience that today characterize the daily activity for the Club.