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The event program

DAY ONE - 27/09




Institutional Speech

with N. Zingaretti Regione Lazio ,
A. Onorato
Roma Capitale,
V. Cozzoli Sport e Salute, G. Valentini Go Project

Opening Social Football Summit 2022.
Institutional greetings.


SFS22 interview: Luigi De Siervo

Riccardo Trevisani interviews Luigi De Siervo, Lega Serie A’s CEO


Moving Football forward: Metaverse, web 3.0 and new horizons

A. De Grandi The Nemesis, I. Cordoba GSCI by Microsoft, Tanja Bivic Plankar Blockchain Alliance Europe.

Moderator M. Imbimbo Stargraph

New technologies are creating the basis for an impressive development and evolution in the world of football. Web 3.0, blockchain, metaverse represent a great opportunity for clubs and stakeholders in the football industry but not only, creating strategic and innovative communication, marketing and fan engagement scenarios and horizons.


From Web2 to Web3 by “OneFootball”

with M. Ciccarese Lega Serie A, T. Mueller OneFootball,
T. Bianchini SSC Napoli

Moderator P. Marinone BuzzMyVideos

Welcome to the future of football’ is OneFootball’s claim. On the 5th September 2022, the collaboration agreement between OneFootball and Lega Serie A was made official, for the management and valorization of NFT linked to content from our top league. A new era and a remarkable new development begin, not only technological but also commercial.


The New era of Football: drop out, growth, repositioning and opportunities

with R. Chieppa Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, O. D. Bellia FIFA, L. Casini Lega Serie A .
Moderator I. Ortenzi BIP

Football, just like other sectors, is rapidly adapting and changing in the light of global economic and health changes that strongly influence its business model. In this context, what are the strategic ideas to still give this sport a healthy and competitive development scenario in Italy and worldwide?




Sport and Show business: MLS “By Stadeo”

with N. Zini Inter Miami, A. D’Amico PDP, J. Tacopina Spal

Moderator D. Proch Forbes

Major League Soccer, the American football league, is an ever-growing and unstoppable show. A reality not only limited to the pitch but also to marketing, fan activation and show business. The NBA and NFL models cannot but influence the Stars and Stripes ‘soccer’ as well. The signing of several champions from Europe and around the world has increased the technical level of the league, enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of the league as well as of its single Clubs.


SFS22 interview: Ana Quiles and Khalida Popal

Change the way of thinking, empowerment, human rights, inclusion: Ana Quiles Boix interviews Khalida Popal, former captain and founder of Afghanistan’s first women’s national team. Using the power of her voice and ideas, Khalida is fighting for the inclusion of women in football and more generally is ‘fighting’ for the establishment of some fundamental human rights.


How to attract and entertain new audiences powered “by Talkwalker “

Con M. Meyerie Youtube, D. Toniolo Volkswagen, T. Saronni adidas
R. Faulkner ECA, N. Besio Twitch.

Moderator C. Andretta Talkwalker

The world of football is changing, and so is its audience. We are no longer talking about ordinary fans but about a new conscious and demanding target, with new values and habits, which need to be understood, interpreted and entertained. In this context, the Gen Z represents an opportunity to be addressed with a certain kind of content.


SFS22 interview: Bobo Vieri and Lele Adani

Ludovica Pagani interviews the former footballers and current commentators and pundits Christian Vieri and Lele Adani.


A new disrupting experience to enjoy football

with D. Nemni Coca-Cola, P. Priori DAZN, N. Tomio Group M.
e Gli Autogol

Coca-Cola Supermatch pushes the borders of our Calcio reimagining the live football-viewing fan experience through the use of digital media and new trends.


Branding and lifestyle

with R. Monzani Inter, M. Castellaneta Juventus.

Moderator E. Perinetti Casoni

An increased number of top clubs are exploring the world of fashion, lifestyle, music and entertainment, but also and especially to engage the younger generation, contamination is the key word.


FS22 INTERVIEW: stefano campoccia, antonio and Ivan Ortenzi

Football clubs are complex global companies. Assets, investments, enhancement and managerlial skills.
Interview with the vice-president of Udinese Calcio and the general manager of Almaviva SPA.

DAY TWO - 28/09


Mondo Football 2032 by Ivan Ortenzi


Private equity and V. Capital in the football governance

wirh G. Mazza CVC Capital Partners, A. Sartori Football Benchmark, D. Mirri Palermo FC

Moderator I. Ortenzi BIP

Funds and investments in football clubs. Analysis of risks and opportunities. Current and future scenario and new governance models. Football faces the economic crisis, rethinking the business model.


SFS Interview: Milena Bertolini

Mario Giunta interviews Milena Bertolini, the coach of the Italy women’s national team.


AI Machine learning, content production: How to improve the visual experience of a match

with A. Lonati Infront, A. D’Ortenzio Amazon AWS, M. Valenti AD PLAY
Moderator A. Bacconi Lega Serie A

How technology and artificial intelligence can impact and enhance the visual experience of a football match.


Leagues’ Digital Global approaches

with P. Tomagra Lega Serie A, A. Skortas Bundesliga.

Moderator C. Andretta Talkwalker

Digital as a strategic lever to broaden one’s horizons and reach new sectors, markets, and users. The leagues’ global approach as role models with new tools to analyse fan habits, create new opportunities for commercial partners and promote their brands internationally.



R. Cucchi talks with M. Uva UEFA

Social networks are often seen as free spaces with no rules to be respected, which can also lead to daily discrimination and violence. A serious social problem that obviously does not involve just football, yet frequently finds fertile ground in this world. Many initiatives have been developed by UEFA to fight ‘online abuse’ and all forms of discrimination inside and outside stadiums.


Training and post career by “24ore Business School”

with P.M. Minuzzo 24ore Business School

The increasingly relevant role of further education in understanding and interacting with the modern football industry.


Football: New competitors or allies?

with R. Zeppieri Sony Playstation, M. Scarchilli Mercedes-Benz Italia, M. Gelati ENDU

Moderator I. Ortenzi BIP

Face-to-face debate between football and other worlds that threaten its leadership. Can these sports coexist, working together with football, or will they end up dividing the audience’s interest even more?


Videos and OTT: Innovation, performance and monetization

with P. Marinone Buzz my videos, A. Tucci Eleven sports,
Y. Ramcke OneFootball

Moderator N. Cicero Conviva

An open debate between those Media Companies that go beyond traditional media by offering content over the Internet, i.e. How do they manage to monetize these platforms? What results can they achieve, and what best practices underpin their success?


SFS Interview: Francesco Ghirelli

A. Antinelli interviews the Lega Pro’s President


Blockchain, NFT and crypto

with D. Proto MISE, G. Comandini, A. Mantelli Almaviva

Moderator L. Pardo Ontier

Around the world of crypto and NFT there is a lot of chaos and often little knowledge, as for Blockchain. Journey in a sector that still needs to be interpreted, legally framed and developed considering the technological innovation and the required infrastructure.


Media Factory: FIGC

with G.Valentini FIGC

The new communication strategy of the FIGC, which over the years has developed into a real Media Factory. New platforms, new tools and languages to reach an ever wider audience.


The third millennium football market

with A. Bonan Sky Sport, F. Pastorello P&P MANAGEMENT

Discovering the football market.
How transfermarkt has evolved and what we can expect from the football market of the future.


SFS Interview: Gabriele Gravina 

Luca Marchetti interviews the FIGC President, Gabriele Gravina

DAY ONE - 27/09

10:00 - 12:00

Startup competition Multisoccer

Leads Vincenzo Filetti, Theorema

Teams and startups will take the stage at the Social Football Summit with innovative ideas on artificial intelligence, metaverse, gamification and fan engagement in the sports industry. The panel of judges, consisting of industry experts, will evaluate the pitches to award this edition’s most innovative projects.

Out of competition, some startups from We Sport Up, which is the first acceleration programme for innovative startups focused on the sport and health sectors, sponsored by CDP Venture Capital and Sport e Salute, will also be presented.

15:00 - 16:30

The Future of soccer: Youth and sustainability

With Maurizio Insardà LNPB , Italo Cucci Direttore editoriale Italpress, Paolo Nicolato Coach of the Italian national team Under-21 Team, Mauro Balata LNPB President and Giampaolo Pazzini DAZN

A moment of analysis regarding how the Lega B is strategically addressing two important themes. An authoritative point of view of those who are contributing concretely to the creation of a sustainable system.

DAY TWO - 28/09

11:30 - 13:00


Ninety Minutes of Football Innovation


Speech by FIGC’s partner companies

Ore 12:00
The innovation of VAR.
Speaker Gianluca Rocchi

Ore 12:30
Matteo Marani Interviews Roberto Mancini and Daniele De Rossi.

14:15 - 15:45

Impact Room

with C. Giambene Mediaset, L. Cisotta italiacamp, E. Scognamiglio italiacamp, M. F. Mazzù Luiss, F. Poli AIC, M. V. Den Doel AS ROMA, R. Giorgianni Fondazione Milan and L. Coruzzi Brand Finance

Coordinated by Italiacamp, the Impact Room is a discussion space dedicated to the increasingly leading role of social impact issues for leagues and clubs in the football industry.

The event will also be the occasion to present an analysis produced by Italiacamp on sustainability-related and social impact-oriented strategies taken by the major European leagues.

By reservation – Limited seats

DAY ONE - 27/09

10:00 - 13:00


Moderators: Alberto Monguidi and Maurizio Insardà

Training is one of the Fundamental Assets in the Football Industry. As part of its strategy to support its 20 members, the B League meets with communication and marketing managers from all clubs.

Ore 10.00 – 10.05

Greetings of the President Mauro Balata

Ore 10.05 – 10.25

Simone Armillotta, Strategic Partner Manager of Youtube  “Introduction to Youtube Sports. The basics of starting a successful Youtube channel

Ore 10.25 – 10.45

 Braitner Moreira, Sports Marketing Manager Havas Sports Entertainment “Fansorship” Fan-center sponsorship: how the BKT Series was built and how to grow the championship each season

Ore 10.45 – 11.05

Greta Galimberti, Strategic Partner Manager of Meta “Meta and Sport –  – Meta world developments and opportunities for clubs A guide to success”

Ore 11.05 – 11.25

Matteo MaraniJournalist, live streaming “Sports Journalism in the 3000s” Sports journalism adapted to new digital dynamics.

Ore 11.25 – 11.45

Simona Campanale, Media Partnership Managers of Tik Tok “Football on TikTok” Best Practices and Introduction to TikTok.

Ore 12.05 – 12.25

 Guido Baldari, Head of Press Office, Napoli S.S.C. “A Communication of Champions” The role of the press office in an international sport environment.



14:30 - 17:00


A meeting with all the Marketing manager’teams of Lega Serie A will take place during the Social Football Summit


DAY TWO - 28/07

10:30 - 13:00

Assemblea Lega Pro

The lega Pro organized the assembly of all presidents of the 60 teams of the three Groups. An opportunity to discuss the activities of the new season.


14:30 - 15:15

Masterclass “There is no perfect plan”

Whether you are a club, a media outlet or a league, you will have to get up in the morning and make more content than others, in order to survive in the Savannah of the Football Industry. By Social Media Soccer

By reservation – Limited seats

15:15 - 16:00

Masterclass “There is no perfect plan”

Whether you are a club, a media outlet or a league, you will have to get up in the morning and make more content than others, in order to survive in the Savannah of the Football Industry. By Social Media Soccer

By reservation – Limited seats

DAY TWO - 28/09


Multisoccer award ceremony

The motivational speech of the coach is replaced by the words of thanks of the teams that will be awarded.
In fact, for the first time a startup competition “celebrates” its epilogue in the unusual setting of the Olympic Stadium locker room.

By reservation – Limited seats

16:00 - 17:30


Statistics suggests that football is the most tweeted sport by fans, therefore clubs use this social platform to increase engagement with their fans. However, what are the most useful tools and features to improve the relationship with the audience? By Brandtopia

By reservation – Limited seats