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Ivan Zazzaroni

is an Italian journalist, television host, columnist and blogger. Since 26 May 2018 he has been director of Corriere dello Sport - Stadio. After the linguistic high school he moved to Brazil, where he trained with a Serie A team, Botafogo. Make an interview with the champion Sócrates, who lives 500 meters from his house. The piece was published in Italy by the Bolognese newspaper Stadio: it was the first article of his career. Subsequently he writes pieces that appear (unsigned) in the Gazzetta dello Sport. Back in Italy, in 1981 he was hired by the weekly Autosprint. In the same period he began to collaborate with Guerin Sportivo directed by Italo Cucci, who he now considers his teacher. He decides to continue his career in the latter: from 1985 he is a correspondent, then managing editor and in 1991 deputy director. For nine years he was editor-in-chief of the Corriere dello Sport - Stadio newspaper. In September 1999 he was called to direct Guerin Sportivo; from 2001 to 2003 he was director of Autosprint. Since 2004 he has hosted Deejay Football Club broadcast on Radio Deejay, for whose website he also manages a blog. Columnist for the newspaper Libero until 2012, he was a commentator on the television broadcasts Rai,Quello che..., La Domenica Sportiva and Dribbling. He is also co-author together with Davide Cassani and Pier Bergonzi of the book Pantani. A Tragic Hero, released in 2005. Since 2006 he has participated in the Rai television program Ballando con le stelle as both a juror (in the third edition and from the fifth edition) and as a competitor (fourth edition). In 2007 he founded and directed the sports newspaper Dieci for three months. From 2008 to 2012 he was a columnist for the Rai broadcasts A Champions Wednesday, Champions Tuesday, World Nights, and for the matches of the 2012 European Football Championship. In 2010, during the World Cup, he collaborated with Eurosport in the Zazzagol column and wrote the preface of the book "Calciobidoni. Non comprate quel Strange" by Cristian Vitali and that of the book by Gianluca Gifuni "Quagliarella. The broken dream". Since 2010 he has been a regular guest on the television show La Domenica Sportiva on Rai 2 and, until May 2012, on the Number Two show on Canale 34 Telenapoli. In 2011 he was a guest-columnist of the Domenica Sportiva Estate and, since August, his blog Zazzagofigura on the GQItalia.it website. From September 2012 to August 2021 he was the host of the show Il bello del calcio on Canale 21. He frequently appears on Radio Lo Sport and on Radio Marte. In June 2016 he was a regular guest on Il grande match on Rai 1 to comment on the post-match matches of the European Championship. Since 15 November 2016 he has been editorial director (digital area) of the Amodei Group, which publishes Corriere dello Sport - Stadio, Tuttosport, Guerin Sportivo, Autosprint, Auto, Motosprint, In moto. Since 2018, he has been a juror for the Calciobidone Award, an ironic recognition for the worst footballer in Serie A, a title edited by Calciobidoni.it, Guerin Sportivo and Fantacalcio. Since 2020 he has been a regular commentator on Tiki Taka. Two years later he switched to Pressing Monday.