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Our goal is to build a network of football experts, a dynamic and innovative environment that promotes meetings between the main stakeholders in the industry.
We are committed to the steady organization of meetings between the leading members and the key actors of the Football Industry, encouraging know-hows, best practices, ideas and opportunities of collaborations between businesses.

We want to create a space where the most brilliant minds can work together to promote innovation and sustainable growth… This is the Social Football Summit.

Working for the evolution and economic development of the sport industry

We contribute to the evolution and to the development of the Football Industry, by giving space to realities that, through research, development and strategies, can be determinant factors in the innovation and sustainable development.
We promote new innovative and diverse business models where football meets other sectors.
We share best practices to create economic and social value through competence and the ability to analyze the evolutions in the sports industry.

Developing training and development of human resources

We promote the development and training of human resources in the Football industry. We recognize how the sector can develop in different fields: the economic financial, marketing, business development, social media and communication, technologies and innovation, corporate social responsibility, fan engagement, management of stadiums and events, the analysis of data and the management of different impacts.
We identify and promote training routes to encourage growth in all present and future professions in the Football industry through innovation.

Creating events to share knowledge

We are committed to the creation of diverse events able to offer an accessible experience to most people and professionals, to support the conversation in regards to the Football Industry.
We promote sharing knowledge, know-hows and new digital paradigms applied to the Football sector.
We encourage the spread of best practices and the collaboration between professionals for collective progress.

Building sustainable projects

We promote sustainable measures in stadiums, in team actions and in sport organizations.
These measures include energy efficiency in sports facilities, the use of renewable energies, the sustainable use of water resources, waste reduction and the promotion of recycling.
Moreover, we encourage research and development in regards to eco-friendly technologies that shift football to a more sustainable sector.

Inclusivity as a value

We firmly believe that football and sport in general have to be accessible to everyone, without any type of discrimination.

We promote the inclusion of players of all ethnicities, sexual orientations and physical abilities.
We work to end discriminatory attitudes and prejudices in the football sector, and we promote awareness programs to educate football players, coaches and fans on inclusivity and mutual respect.

Becoming authoritative interlocutors for political institutions and in the football field

We are committed to represent an international and authoritative landmark for political institutions and in the football sector.
We try to represent the needs of a sector that is constantly evolving, by promoting shared goals in regards to inclusion, and by fighting every kind of discrimination. We encourage the growth of the youth and social impact.
We want to contribute in the shaping process of politics and initiatives that can favor an equitable and sustainable growth in the football industry.

Through meetings, training, a constant dialogue with institutions and sharing knowledge, we aim to create an avant-garde football industry that encourages innovation, sustainability and inclusivity.

Only through collaboration and shared commitment will we obtain significant results.

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