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Ludovica Mantovani

Ludovica Mantovani was born in Genoa in 1970, raised in Switzerland, speaks five languages fluently and has a degree in Architecture from the Zurich Polytechnic. Over time he has developed marketing and communication skills mainly related to the world and the organization of sporting events. In the Italian football scene, in addition to the professional experience in UC Sampdoria, a company owned by his family for 23 years, he has for several years been the promoter of a new culture with FootballAvenue, a forum that has annually brought together the football-business in the main Italian stadiums since 2013 . She is very active as President of the Paolo Mantovani Torneo Ravano Coppa Foundation which develops, favors and promotes the values of sport with particular reference to youth and non-competitive sport in the spirit of integration, tolerance and respect. The largest youth school tournament in Europe has involved, in 35 years, more than 100,000 children between 8 and 10 years and 12 National Sports Federations, with a program increasingly implemented by educational workshops "learn by playing". On 2 September 2019 she was elected first President of the FIGC Women's Football Division.