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Stefano Campoccia

Born in Conegliano (TV) on 10.29.1960. Graduated with full marks in Law on 10 July 1986. Master of Business Jurists held at Bocconi University in Milan in 1987. Diploma in English for Lawyer at the International Business School in London. Enrolled in the Register of Cassation lawyers. I have been practicing since 1986 as a lawyer first at the Milan bar and then at the Treviso one. I dealt with the legal aspects of Project Finance activities, in particular taking care of the assessment of legal risks, negotiation, analysis and preparation of the contractual documentation and the study activity of the sector regulation, both with reference to the structuring and advisory activities, including those that led to: construction of the sports complex called "Dacia Arena" - Stadio Friuli in the Municipality of Udine in team with professionals and specialized companies of primary importance elaboration of feasibility studies on behalf of consortia or groups of investors and drafting of related business plans for the redevelopment, construction and activation of new generation sports facilities dedicated to football in Naples and in Bologna (not built); PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY APPLIED TO THE WORLD OF FINANCE IN SPORTS • I have consolidated a significant experience in the field of sports law and more generally in ongoing assistance and in the context of extraordinary transactions in favor of leading top professional football sports clubs. During these roles, I have provided consultancy, on a broad spectrum, mainly to Lega Serie A and Lega Serie B companies, to foreign clubs and to trade associations, including the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A. • I have gained considerable experience in management of professional football clubs in Serie A and Serie B since 2003. • I held the position of vice president and president of the Genoa Football & Cricket club s.p.a. • I have held and still hold the position of Vice-President of Club Udinese Calcio s.p.a. • As vice-president and lawyer of the Udinese Calcio Club, I participated in the elaboration and implementation of the privatization project of the Friuli Stadium in the current Dacia Arena. • I held the position of director of Lega Serie A contributing to the start-up of the Serie A broadcasting center in Lissone, the most important and innovative broadcasting center of Leghe Calcio worldwide. • I participated on behalf of Serie A in the working table and in the negotiations for the establishment of a Media Company for the management of TV rights and collective commercial rights of Serie A and with the hypothesis of an intervention by Private Equity Funds and the sale of a minority stake in Lega Serie A • I participated as a consultant in the elaboration and execution of the demerger project of the “Lega Serie A” from the “Lega Serie B”. • I participated in the drafting of legislative proposals and amendments relating to sports-financial fields and relating to issues on the so-called. audiovisual rights. • I collaborated in the definition of the text of the CD. Melandri decree which revolutionized the economic relations between Serie A clubs and revisited the so-called criteria. mutuality inside and outside Serie A in favor of the lower leagues and the entire football and sports system. • As a lawyer I have assisted small and medium sized companies in the famous "battle of rights" which ended with a definition of the levels of distribution which was applied until the modification of Melandri with the so-called. Lotti decree. • I have been involved since birth and I deal with the management and marketing of CDs. collective audiovisual rights and the elaboration and modification of the criteria for allocating collective television rights of both an audiovisual and non-audiovisual nature. • As a director of Lega Serie A, I was a member of the technical work commission for the reform of the Sports Justice Code set up by the F.I.G.C. which led to the drafting of the new code. In particular, I have dealt with the issues of corporate governance of sports clubs and control models up to the drafting of mitigating and exempting rules. strict liability of clubs. • As a director of Lega Serie A, I was a member of the technical work commission on the issue of models under Legislative Decree 231/01 established by the F.I.G.C. and I participated in the drafting of the related Guidelines provided for by the FIGC Regulation. • I participate in the drafting of the regulations that will complete the regulation of the individual Leagues for the purpose of defining virtuous management models in our sports system. • I was involved in the discussion and drafting work tables of specific rules and regulations in terms of sports law. • I participated as a speaker and lecturer in Masters occasionally collaborating with Italian universities (University of Milan, University of Udine, University of Catania, University of Rome), participating in courses and conferences on sports law and audiovisual rights. I hold the position of Vice President of the Cortina 2026 Foundation - the organizer of the competitions of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic Games in relation to the sports venues foreseen in Cortina as Host City and the Alpine Ski World Cup events and the international Paralympic sports events