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>Blog >Alessia Russo & Khiara Keating will lead its into a new era of storytelling for the Adobe Women’s FA Cup

Alessia Russo & Khiara Keating will lead its into a new era of storytelling for the Adobe Women’s FA Cup

Adobe FA Cup

Adobe has delighted to reveal Alessia Russo and Khiara Keating as Adobe ambassadors for the competition, supporting them in your mission to raise the stature of the Cup and inspire the next generation of women into football.

At Adobe, their Creativity for All mission couldn’t be truer than for the next generation of young girls dreaming of scoring goals like Alessia or keeping them out like Khiara. In Alessia and Khiara, they have two of the game’s brightest talents — one an established Lioness, European Champion, and part of FIFA’s 2023 Women’s World XI, the other, an incredible, young international talent destined for the very top. But more importantly, they both share their appetite to create a lasting legacy for the Adobe Women’s FA Cup

It has set our sights on raising awareness for the competition across the full season by supporting players and clubs, from amateur to elite. It has provided all clubs in the Cup with free Adobe Express Premium memberships and will run workshops to help teams design standout content quickly and easily.

The app will enable clubs to connect with their fans on match day and beyond, promote their clubs throughout the season and collaboratively produce marketing content needed to increase sales of merchandise and match-day tickets. To top this all off, brand kits and social media scheduling features within Adobe Express will help clubs keep their content on brand and share it with their fanbase, all from one place.

For lower league clubs, this can have a profound impact. Alessia and Khiara will help deliver some of these workshops, demonstrating the ease and efficiency of Adobe Express for clubs and players alike.

For fans, it has launched the first of many customizable social media templates on Adobe Express so more people can celebrate wins, give a shout out to their player of the round, create and something daughters couldn’t be more excited about, show off their favourite matchday outfits!

It is also working closely with The FA, supporting them in developing a comprehensive digital strategy that brings fans closer than ever to the competition. Its brand-new Adobe Women’s FA Cup channels on Instagram and TikTok have helped their to increase views of the Fourth Round by 1851 percent, compared with last year.

Aside from the practical support it’ll deliver for The FA and its teams, this partnership is about breaking down barriers and inspiring the next generation to pursue their dreams. With Alessia and Khiara’s support, it’ll illuminate paths previously unimagined for girls across the UK and beyond. Its Adobe Women’s FA Cup Hero Video also out today, is the ultimate expression of that mission. Directed by the talented Margot Bowman, it’s an anthem to the courage, resilience, and triumph of women in football, celebrating the progress we’ve made and the dreams we’re still chasing.

The film heroes two fans, Shalani and Kai, who have big dreams for their favourite amateur team. It’s a nod to the progress we’ve made and the sacrifices of players, past and present, many of whom juggle part-time jobs to pursue their passions. From inspiring role models to the pursuit of dreams, its goal for the video was to bring to life the excitement of the competition and capture the magic of the Adobe Women’s FA Cup in a new light.

It’s a message of ambition, courage and triumph that encapsulates everything it’s aiming to achieve with this partnership.