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Champions League technical sponsors, which are the strongest brands?

The day after the draw for the tournament groups, we see how the sponsorships of the participating teams are distributed. As predicted, Nike commands, followed by Adidas and Puma.

The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League officially kicked off yesterday evening.

No games yet, unfortunately, but the basics necessary to know all the rounds of the tournament.

In fact, the classic draw for the 32 participants took place, outlining the 8 groups with their respective seedings.

A complete picture of the Big Ears Cup that allows us, moreover, to analyze all the companies that will take part in it, focusing on a non-tactical, but completely commercial aspect: that concerning the technical sponsors.

Since the Champions League is the most prestigious trophy in the world by distance and has always represented the highest peaks of football, understanding which sportswear brands are most present provides a picture of the sports equipment market in football, outlining the health and visibility of companies .

All technical sponsors of the UEFA Champions League

The participating teams were organized as follows:


Ajax – Adidas;

Liverpool – Nike;

Napoli – EA7;

Rangers – Castore.


Porto – New Balance;

Atletico Madrid – Nike;

Bayer Leverkusen – Castore;

Club Brugge – Macron.


Bayern Monaco – Adidas;

Barcellona – Nike;

Inter – Nike;

Viktoria Plzen – Macron.


Eintracht Francoforte – Nike;

Tottenham Hotspur – Nike;

Sporting Lisbona – Nike;

Olympique Marsiglia – Puma.


Milan – Puma;

Chelsea – Nike;

Red Bull Salzburg – Nike;

Dinamo Zagabria – Adidas.


Real Madrid – Adidas;

RB Leipzig – Nike;

Shakhtar Donetsk – Puma;

Celtic – Adidas:


Manchester City – Puma;

Siviglia – Castore;

Borussia Dortmund – Puma;

Copenhagen – Adidas.


PSG – Nike;

Juventus – Adidas;

Benfica – Adidas;

Maccabi Haifa – Nike.

Observing the groups, a domain of Nike is quite evident. In fact, the American brand boasts the beauty of 12 teams out of 32, numbers equivalent to 37.5% of the competition. In fact, only Group G does not have any clubs wearing the Swoosh.

Following closely, we find Adidas in second place with 8 teams and Puma third with 5.

Finally, only 7 companies have decided not to be linked to the 3 giants, namely:

  • Leverkusen, Rangers, Sevilla (Castor);
  • Club Brugge, Viktoria Plzeň (Macron);
  • FC Porto (New Balance);
  • SSC Napoli (EA7).