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August 2023

by Ivan Ortenzi | MBA Professor and Football Industry Lecturer

American sports are synonymous with grandeur, spectacle, and entertainment. And there’s nothing more iconic in the American sports landscape than the National Football League (NFL). NFL stadiums are not just playing fields; they are true monuments to the passion of fans and the grandeur of the sports industry. Among them, some stand out for their exorbitant construction costs, making them architectural masterpieces. Here are the three most recent NFL stadiums that have opened their gates in recent years.

SoFi Stadium

Sofi Stadium, located in Inglewood, California, is currently the most expensive stadium ever built. Inaugurated in 2020, its construction cost approaches nearly $5 billion. It is the shared home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. With a retractable roof, giant screens, and luxurious VIP suites, Sofi Stadium offers a unique experience to fans and a world-class stage for sports and entertainment events. It is a true testament to modern engineering and the art of sports entertainment. This architectural gem is much more than just a stadium; it is an oasis of luxury, innovation, and spectacle that has redefined the concept of the sports experience. The distinctive feature of Sofi Stadium is its futuristic architecture that almost seems to come from a science fiction work.

The elegant curves blend harmoniously with glass and metal structures, creating an atmosphere of refined modernity. The retractable roof, one of its most iconic elements, opens like the wings of a bird, allowing fans to enjoy games under the open sky or sheltered from the weather. The integration of cutting-edge technology is one of the features that makes Sofi Stadium unique.

Massive LED screens surround the interior of the stadium, bringing game details closer to fans. These screens are high-definition billboards that transmit emotions, statistics, and replays with spectacular clarity. In the realm of modern stadiums, few technological marvels can match the grandeur and innovation of Sofi Stadium’s gigantic screen. This architectural structure, which transcends the traditional concept of a “screen,” is a living symbol of the evolution of sports and entertainment experiences. Every detail of this monumental screen is tangible evidence of the commitment to placing the audience at the center of the action, allowing them to live every moment with unprecedented engagement. Innovation and audacity merge in the iconic Samsung partnership screen of Sofi Stadium, “The Oculus,” a name that evokes the image of a vigilant eye in the sky.

This titanic circular structure, towering over the stadium, extends over 62,000 square feet, making it one of the largest and most advanced video structures in the world. The Oculus’s eye is capable of turning every corner of the stadium into a window to a world of emotions and competitions. Every play, every dive, every throw becomes an epic event as the gigantic screen displays an image so sharp it almost feels tangible.

The goal is clear: to engage the audience completely, make them an integral part of the action, and let them experience the show with a depth of detail that astonishes the senses. But the Oculus is not just a screen. It is a portal to a world of information, real-time statistics, rankings, and detailed analysis. Furthermore, thanks to a combination of cutting-edge technology, the screen can be split into multiple sections to display different shots simultaneously. Spectators can customize their experience, choosing which aspect of the event to follow or immersing themselves in the total experience. The Sofi Stadium screen is more than just a visual attraction; it is an epic experience. With its advanced technology and the ability to immerse spectators in the action like never before, it represents a leap into the future of sports entertainment. Access to ultra-fast Wi-Fi networks and the stadium’s dedicated app allow fans to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Sofi Stadium redesigns the concept of sports entertainment and is committed to offering an unparalleled luxury experience. VIP suites are refined spaces where guests can enjoy personalized catering services and spectacular views of the field.

Additionally, numerous lounges and dining areas offer a wide range of culinary options, from gourmet delicacies to irresistible street food. Attention to detail is also reflected in the architecture of public spaces, designed to welcome fans in a welcoming and classy environment. In addition to sporting events, Sofi Stadium is designed to host a wide range of entertainment events. Concerts by world-famous artists, cultural events, and entertainment shows can all find a worthy home here. This versatility is another example of how the stadium seamlessly fits into the Inglewood city ecosystem and transforms into a center of cultural and social attraction. Its architectural grandeur merges with technological innovation and attention to detail, creating an environment where fans can experience the excitement of the game in an extraordinary way. This stadium is not just a playing field; it is a temple of emotions and a epicenter of entertainment that will leave an indelible mark on the world of sports and entertainment.

Allegiant Stadium

Located in Paradise, Nevada, Allegiant Stadium saw the light in 2020 and is the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders. Its construction cost exceeded $1.9 billion. With its modern and futuristic design, Allegiant Stadium is an icon in the desert heartland, with a unique style that evokes the surrounding landscape. It is a modern work of art, a monument to engineering, and uncompromising luxury inaugurated in 2020, built in 31 months. It has quickly become a gem in the stadium industry and a beacon of entertainment for sports enthusiasts worldwide. Its futuristic lines and ability to capture the imagination make it one of the most emblematic and fascinating venues in contemporary sports.

From the outside, Allegiant Stadium captures attention with its bold and futuristic silhouette. Sinuous curves blend with sharp angles, creating a combination of shapes that evoke a sense of dynamism and movement. Its outer structure is a symphony of steel and glass, magically reflecting the desert sun during the day and shining like a constellation of stars at night. But Allegiant Stadium is much more than an impressive structure; it is a place where passion for sports reaches its peak. This modern stadium is home to the Las Vegas Raiders, one of the most iconic teams in the NFL.

Every game becomes an epic of emotions, an electrifying dance of competition and unwavering fan support. Impeccable acoustics and wide visibility from every angle allow every spectator to experience every second of the action as if they were on the field. Allegiant Stadium doesn’t stop at the greatness of the game; it also offers luxurious services that elevate the fan experience to new heights. Luxury VIP suites offer a privileged view of the field, along with exclusive services and unparalleled comfort. Every detail has been carefully curated to provide a refined and welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy the game in a personalized and intimate space. Technology plays a fundamental role in the Allegiant Stadium experience. High-definition screens are strategically positioned to ensure that every spectator can follow the action up close, even in the largest areas of the stadium. Fans can immerse themselves in the atmosphere and actively participate through mobile applications and interactive experiences, making every moment engaging and captivating.

Allegiant Stadium is much more than just a stadium. It is a world of emotions, entertainment, and architectural beauty. Here, stories of triumphs and challenges intertwine, and fans’ passions merge into a unique chorus of support. It is a place where time seems to stand still, and every moment becomes an indelible memory. Allegiant Stadium is not just a home for the game; it is a home for the souls of fans.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, an architectural jewel stands as a symbol of the convergence of visionary design and cutting-edge services. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the renowned Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta United FC, is much more than just a playing field. It is a living testament to the commitment to creating an unprecedented entertainment experience, a place where sports and technology harmonize in an epic harmony. Inaugurated in 2017, Mercedes-Benz Stadium immediately captured the world’s attention with its bold and futuristic design. The state-of-the-art dynamic and innovative retractable roof is a symphony of mechanics and movement, opening and closing like a bird’s wings depending on weather conditions. This is not just a stunning visual element but also a tangible demonstration of attention to the comfort and satisfaction of fans. Mercedes-Benz Stadium has elevated the level of the sports entertainment experience through technologies that engage the senses.

The Halo screen, one of the world’s largest video structures, envelops the stadium, offering fans a total immersion in the on-field action. This immersive and imposing screen not only defines the fan experience but also redefines the very concept of sports entertainment, pushing the boundaries of emotion and interactivity to new heights. The Halo screen is a curved structure that almost completely surrounds the playing field, providing a panoramic and engaging view of the action. With over 63,000 square feet of screen space, this system offers an immersive experience that ensures that every spectator, no matter where they are in the stadium, is intimately engaged with the game. One of the strengths of the Halo screen is its ability to capture every moment of the game and make it visible in detail. Using state-of-the-art technologies, it also provides real-time statistics, rankings, and detailed analysis. Fans can immerse themselves in the world of player and team performance, enriching their understanding of the game and fueling their passion. Interactivity is also made possible through engaging games and challenges during breaks, ensuring that fans’ attention is constantly captivated.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium Halo screen is much more than just a technological tool. It is a visual work of art, an emotion catalyst, and a means through which fans can experience the world of sports in an entirely new way. This enveloping screen represents the evolution of the sports experience and a preview of the wonders that technology can bring to the intersection of sports and entertainment.

But it’s not just the field that defines the Mercedes-Benz Stadium experience. Hospitality services are equally extraordinary. Private suites offer an exclusive retreat for those who want to enjoy the show in a luxurious setting. From gourmet cuisine to privileged views, every detail is curated to provide a first-class experience. But Mercedes-Benz Stadium doesn’t just cater to sports enthusiasts. Innovation also extends to food and dining options. The “Fan First Menu Pricing” offers affordable meals, demonstrating that top-level comfort and entertainment do not necessarily have to come with high prices. In addition to innovation and comfort, Mercedes-Benz Stadium has placed a strong emphasis on sustainability. Through the use of solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and intelligent energy management, the stadium has earned LEED Platinum certification, the highest recognition for energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

In summary, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is an ode to human ingenuity and multisensory experience. Besides being the backdrop for breathtaking sports shows, it is a place where innovation and comfort come together to create an unforgettable experience. An ambassador of Atlanta to the world, this stadium remains a beacon of how visionary design and technology can elevate the art of sports and entertainment.

These three stadiums not only express the economic power of the American League but are also reshaping the standards of the concept of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. An experience that leverages passion and sports tradition incorporates technological innovation, testifying that the evolution of business models is based on two cornerstones: quality infrastructure and user services. Without addressing these two elements, there is no development and reform plan.

These two points have always been addressed since the first edition of the Social Football Summit. The issue of stadiums in Italy, also in light of the recent controversy over the joint bid by Italy and Turkey for the allocation of Euro 2032, is no longer the famous “elephant in the china shop” but, following the metaphor, it is the entire glass production supply chain. Without adequate infrastructure, there is no product and no adequate show. Without infrastructure functional to the business model, products and services cannot be developed in line with the needs of the audience and the market. The Milan and Inter case in the dispute with San Siro Stadium is the most evident testimony. A product industrial vision is needed that does not focus on the usual welfare initiatives, such as the Franchi Stadium in Florence and the PNRR excerpt but that is the basis for a new business model suitable for new markets and internal and external competition in the Football Industry. Today, the experience in any Italian stadium is, to say the least, “essential” in its before, during, and after. But this is a great opportunity that technology and business contamination can address, as we have always said from the stage of the Summit. This year, we will reiterate these two points, waiting for the new Santiago Bernabeu.


by Ivan Ortenzi | MBA Professor and Football Industry Lecturer American sports are synonymous with grandeur, spectacle, and entertainment. And there's nothing more iconic in the American sports landscape than the National Football League (NFL). NFL stadiums are not just playing fields; they are true monuments to the passion of fans and the grandeur of the sports industry. Among them, some stand out for their exorbitant construction costs, making them architectural masterpieces. Here are the three most recent NFL stadiums that

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