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Football Café

A format that encourages debate between experts in the football ecosystem on specific topics related to the Football Industry

The Format

The Football Café is the format for approaching #SFS22.
Exclusive content and meetings with the leading figures of the Football Industry will get us ready for the event and introduce the themes of the next edition of the Summit.
A series of appointments that started with a special report on the Italian National Team during their latest June appointments in London against Argentina and in the first UEFA Nation League match against Germany.

Our Road To #SFS22 will continue with a visit to the IBC International Broadcast centre in Lissone. Next we will meet some clubs currently preparing for the new season, and finally, we will discuss the latest innovations in the world of football with companies/experts.

12243 - Social Football Summit

Year 2023


5 March 2023 – Rome


One of the most felt matches at the national level, the one between Roma and Juventus last March 5. The match was an opportunity to compare two of the most important international clubs, with a present and future history of great importance!

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Year 2022


1st June 2022 – Wembley


A trip to the capital of world football on the occasion of the Final between the European and Copa América Champions.

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4th June 2022 – Dall’Ara Stadium in Bologna


Emotions, memories and connections between two national teams that have played important roles in football history.

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We talked about IBC Lissone with 2 macro themes: the technological excellence of the place, the League A content production and the VAR center.

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History, culture and football. The rebirth of Italian football also passes through the Serie BKT Championship, as confirmed by the President of League B Mauro Balata.

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Episode 5

A dream that starts from a small but ambitious city show and arrives in Serie A to reach the whole of Europe thanks to a modern and avant-garde management and vision.

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Episode 6

New episode