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>Blog >McDonald’s signs three-year sponsorship deal with French soccer’s Ligue 1

McDonald’s signs three-year sponsorship deal with French soccer’s Ligue 1

Professional Football League e McDonald's

The Professional Football League and McDonald’s are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership under the terms of which McDonald’s will become the title partner of Ligue 1, from July 1, 2024, for the next three seasons.

The leading French restaurateur established in more than 1,150 towns, with two million meals served daily, McDonald’s is joining forces with the number one show in France. This partnership seals the meeting between two popular institutions, strongly inscribed in the daily life and collective imagination of the French.

Thanks to this new agreement, the LFP is continuing its ambition to develop the Ligue 1 brand in order to make it ever more unifying. Through its national network of 1,560 restaurants, McDonald’s will allow Ligue 1 to get even closer to its fans throughout the country. In addition, thanks to the international dimension of its title sponsor, Ligue 1 will benefit from additional growth drivers outside its borders.

With this new partnership, McDonald’s underlines the very deep commitment implemented by all of its franchisees to enable amateur sports clubs to develop. Across the country, more than 400 football clubs benefit from the support of a McDonald’s restaurant to support youth, amateur, women’s and professional teams.

In addition, the brand will allow its customers to benefit from privileged experiences around all the big Ligue 1 and eLigue 1 evenings, throughout France. Club supporters are, in fact, very numerous in the brand’s restaurants every weekend to share a good time with friends or family before or after the matches. In the coming months, they will have many new reasons to come and share a meal at McDonald’s.

The LFP and McDonald’s also intend to use their future association to support their long-standing commitments in the fight against a sedentary lifestyle and the promotion of ambitious societal and environmental programs.

Vincent LABRUNE, President of the Professional Football League
“At a time when enthusiasm for Ligue 1 has never been so strong, notably with record crowds in the stadiums, welcoming an international brand like McDonald’s into the home of French professional football constitutes a very strong signal of the attractiveness of Ligue 1. This major agreement marks the union between two popular and accessible worlds, and inseparable for many supporters. With McDonald’s, our ambition is to offer numerous activations aimed at fans and all French people who are used to frequenting its restaurants. This new agreement also marks the end of a magnificent collaboration with Uber Eats as title sponsor of Ligue 1. I would like to particularly thank the management of Uber Eats France for their trust and support.”

Jacques MIGNAULT, President of McDonald’s France
“McDonald’s and Ligue 1 is a partnership that makes perfect sense. With family or friends, there are always   many supporters of Ligue 1 clubs who associate a McDonald’s moment with a Ligue 1 day. Building on this close bond, we intend to help enable an even larger number of fans of the football to fully live their passion. We have many projects and ideas to bring this partnership to life over the next three years and throughout the territory. For more than 40 years, our franchisees have been loyal and committed partners to enable amateur sports clubs to develop and realize their projects. We will pay particular attention to allowing young amateur athletes to have unforgettable experiences as part of this new partnership. We have, in fact, the ambition to become, at our level, a true link between professional football and amateur sport. »