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Mosaico Studio and Social Football Summit together again for the sixth edition of the football industry’s most eagerly awaited event, which transforms the Stadio Olimpico into an event hub with a modern and avant-garde look.

This important collaboration adds to the already rich portfolio of Mosaico Studio, which has curated events of national and international scope over the past year.

We talk about it with Felice Castrignanò and Luigi Bartone, CEO of Mosaico Studio.

To begin with, tell us what Mosaico Studio is, what it does, and what distinguishes the company.

Luigi Bartone: “Our story began like all good stories, with a chance encounter between different professionals, but all united by a passion for communication and architecture. From that moment on, our creative work has always been characterised by the ‘hybrid’ nature of architects and communicators. This trait allows us to have a complete vision on each type of project and develop it taking into account functional aspects, but also narrative and value aspects. Nowadays, the multidisciplinary approach is increasingly widespread, but in 2005, when we were born, this vision allowed us to evolve very quickly and we were able to intercept the changes in advance. This is how we can offer our customers innovative and cutting-edge solutions, projecting their identity into the future”.

How did your collaboration with Social Football Summit come about?

Felice Castrignanò: ““It all started in 2019, when for the first time Gianfilippo Valentini Ceo of Go Project, and creator of the Social Football Summit, decided to involve us. It was then, during a brainstorming session, that we decided to bring the SFS to the Olympic Stadium, the space that more than any other could represent the spirit of such an event. After the pandemic, it was a pleasure to return to work with the organisation of the event, which in the meantime has grown exponentially on digital platforms. Already in the 2022 edition, we characterised the Social Football Summit with a set-up spread throughout the stadium area, the scenography of the Main Stage opened in the large arena of the playing carpet, with a unique backdrop for the city of Rome. An incredible backdrop for one of the football industry’s best-known events. After last year’s success, we renewed our partnership with the Social Football Summit, with the aim of further improving on what we have done in previous years. For this edition we have created a project that narrates and reinforces the identity of the event, taking into account its exponential digital growth. Hosting personalities from the football industry, journalists and fans will be geometric elements that define the format and high-tech solutions”.

The SFS is one of the events to be added to your long portfolio. What is the secret of your success in the industry?

Felice Castrignanò: ““Each of our projects stems from the dual desire to give shape to the values that distinguish our customers and to create a unique experience for visitors, involving them in a physical and emotional storytelling journey. The environments we design for events are not just spaces, but vehicles for messages and stories that reconstruct an imaginary in which people can fully immerse themselves. To make this possible, we love to experiment with a combination of design and technological solutions, in order to guarantee an optimal result that satisfies both the client’s and the end user’s needs. An approach that applies to any space, whether it is intended for a temporary event or designed to be a permanent experience, such as a museum tour. This is what we did at the Savings Museum in Turin, where we set up the interactive ‘Test & Fun’ station using artificial intelligence even before the explosive success of this technology. A clear demonstration of how experimenting and testing means being able to propose original and innovative solutions”.

One last question to close our chat: what are your plans for the future?

Luigi Bartone: “After months of intense work, which saw us involved in major events such as the videomapping on the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Centenary of the Air Force, we are closing 2023 with two important projects: the Social Football Summit and the new Amazon pop-up dedicated to Black Friday. But we already have projects of national and international scope in the pipeline for 2024, which will see us side by side with great realities from the world of sport, youth entrepreneurship and institutions. The new year will be yet another opportunity for us to put ourselves to the test and mark another important stage in our process of growth and evolution, made possible only thanks to the contribution of all the people who work with us. Because this is what Mosaico Studio is all about: a wonderful combination of talents that over the years have managed to earn the recognition they deserve”.