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>Blog >The Manifesto of the Social Football Summit: the great network of skills and training to grow the Football Industry

The Manifesto of the Social Football Summit: the great network of skills and training to grow the Football Industry

This year, the Social Football Summit has its own charter of intent, a Manifesto, which has the ambitious goal of strengthening the football industry.

The vision of the Social Football Summit is clear: to create a platform where ideas and innovations find a common space.

Institutions, companies, professionals, innovators and communicators want to institutionalize this event as an international opportunity for sharing and training. The goal? Combine different skills, often perceived as distant, in a single collaborative network.

In practice, we talk about a calendar full of events and training meetings, where not only you learn, but you build professional relationships. In an industry like the Football Industry, in continuous motion, updating and creating contacts become fundamental. This platform not only aims to share knowledge but aims to establish a strong link between professionals.

The Social Football Summit is not just an event: it is the place where training meets opportunity and where individual growth fuels the growth of the industry as a whole. So much so that, for the first time, we point to a series of events throughout the year, to make a stop in the main international sports theaters: from London to Madrid, from Saudi Arabia to the United States.

Sustainability as a method. The world of football is not just about emotions on the pitch. It faces daily challenges related to sustainability. With the Social Football Summit, we push for sustainable measures that go beyond the green rectangle: energy efficiency in stadiums, adoption of renewable energy, environmentally friendly management of water resources, waste minimisation and encouragement for recycling. But we don’t stop there. We actively support the search for environmentally friendly technologies. Stakeholders need to understand that sustainability is not just a responsibility, but an opportunity.

Inclusiveness creates value. Football, more than any other sport, has the power to unite people. And in doing so, we strongly believe in its ability to be a catalyst for inclusion. At the Social Football Summit, our vision of football is one where players of all kinds, backgrounds, sexual orientation and physical abilities are represented and celebrated. We strive to eliminate discrimination by promoting awareness-raising and training programs that raise awareness among all football players about the importance of inclusiveness and respect.

Interlocutors for the institutions. Our goal? To be the authoritative voice that dialogues with political and football institutions globally. We know that football is constantly evolving and clashes with increasingly complex issues. Therefore, we bring forward crucial issues, such as inclusion, the fight against discrimination, the promotion of youth growth and the emphasis on social impact.

The idea is to create a common platform, where ideas, projects and innovations can be shared and developed in symbiosis. This desire for sharing is supported by a calendar of events and training, designed to cement relationships and enhance synergies.

In today’s context, transparency, inclusion and sustainability dominate global discussions. The Social Football Summit, through its Manifesto, not only aspires to become a reference in the international football scene but stresses the importance of a collaborative vision. By joining teams, institutions, professionals, communication and marketing experts, with companies, we want to emphasize that every actor in the industry can play a crucial role. We promote new innovative and diversified business models and the contamination of football with other sectors, to generate economic and social value through skills and ability to analyze the evolution of the sports sector.

– Gianfilippo Valentini, Founder of the Social Football Summit.

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