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To Milan the first Snack Summit: Back to the future of football

Yesterday an important new format went live, called ‘Snack Summit’. A short conference road to the sixth edition of the Social Football Summit to be held next 21 and 22 November at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. The first Snack Summit ‘Back to the future of football’ was hosted within the 24Ore Business School.

The first part of the Snack Summit had the panel on ‘Football in the entertainment economy’ with speeches by Lorenzo Plazzotta Ceo Chiamarsi Bomber, Lorenzo Dallari Editorial & Social Director Lega Serie A and Enrico Novari Sponsorship Manager TIM. From different viewpoints, the importance of being aware of how to interpret platforms with formats and products that are increasingly in line with different targets on the media, brand and creator side was highlighted.

The world of entertainment is undergoing evolutions and involutions, see the case of Netflix, which had to raise subscription prices and introduce commercial spots, or the Disney+ deficit. But also to understand at a geographical level which are the most used platforms to convey one’s product and communication to intercept new partnerships and new targets, as for example, the case of Lega Serie A that opened two Snapchat accounts to approach the youngest in the Mena and North America regions, where there are also important partners such as CBS and Paramount+.

The second part was dedicated to ‘Sport Sponsorship 2030’ with Ester Gazzano Head of Marketing Spotify, Edoardo Alzetta Head of Sport Havas Play and Carolina Tha Business Development Samba Digital.

Cross-media, integration, sustainability, understanding new trends, new markets and multi-ethnicities are the kpi that characterize the audience of global brands such as football teams or leagues and federations. Brands and therefore possible sponsors will be increasingly influenced in their choice of partnerships with teams, leagues, federations or rights holders with those who will enable them to be relevant to their consumers and therefore the choice of sponsorship will also have to have their customers at the centre. The new generations are less and less attentive and more and more content selectors, the use of technology in the creation of partnerships decrees or decrees the success or failure of the

Next Snack Summit in London on 17th October
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