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Youtube Stats of EURO2024 teams

According to the data from the martech company BuzzMyVideos;

England and France are head-to-head in the Most Subscribed YouTube channels, with England ranking Number 1 with 2.68 million subscribers and France following closely with 2.63 million subscribers. Interestingly, the 3rd position is claimed by neither Italy, Spain, nor Portugal. Poland holds the 3rd most subscribed YouTube channel with 954,000 subscribers, followed by Spain with 517,000 subscribers and Italy with 478,000 subscribers.

In terms of Total ViewsEngland again claims the 1st spot with 950 million views, France is 2nd with 880 million views, and Poland is in 3rd place with 338 million views. Germany follows with 229 million views, Spain with 192 million views, and the Netherlands with 159 million total views. Italy did not make it to the Top 5 in the Total Views category.

Monthly Views also bring some surprises. Considering the teams’ May 2024 views, France is number 1 with 40 million views, and Turkey is 2nd with 28 million views. Germany follows with 8.8 million views, England with 7.7 million views, and Spain with 2.8 million views.

England again leads in the Views per Video Index category with 165K views, followed by Poland with 122K, France with 100K, Germany with 86K and Netherlands with 52.7K.

The total number of Video Uploads is as follows: Hungary with 16,600 uploads, Spain with 12,200 uploads, France with 8,700 uploads, England with 5,700 uploads, and Portugal with 5,200 uploads.

Poland’s YouTube channel has a decent following, with engagement metrics indicating a solid interest in their content. While Poland may not always be a top contender in tournaments, their digital presence is commendable.

England has a strong presence on YouTube, reflecting their passionate fanbase and significant global following.

Germany’s subscriber count is surprisingly low compared to their footballing pedigree. Despite this, their monthly views are strong, suggesting high engagement from a smaller, but dedicated audience.

Italy’s YouTube channel, while moderate in size compared to other football giants, showcases consistent engagement. Their total views and views per video are lower than might be expected given their strong footballing heritage, suggesting potential room for improvement in their digital outreach.

Spain’s YouTube presence is similar to Italy’s in terms of subscriber count but boasts significantly higher monthly views. This indicates a higher level of engagement and interest in their content. Despite their high volume of uploads, the average views per video remain low, suggesting that while content is frequent, it may not always capture broad interest.

Source: BuzzMyVideos – www.buzzmyvideos.com