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Interview with Marina Presello | host of the SFS 2023

This is the first time for you as presenter of the Social Football Summit. What do you expect from an event that is unique in Italy?

‘I want to learn from this experience, I think it will be super formative bringing together so many realities and voices in a 2-day full immersion. I am very curious and also very full of expectations’.

In your job you deal with so many teams, which ones have impressed you the most in recent years, in terms of managerial management and attention to all those details outside of playing football?

“I have to say that I know Udinese’s reality very well because of my birthplace. A perfect example of managerial management that has grown over the years, significant the construction of the stadium that is used weekly for events not only sporting. Very good of Magda Pozzo to carry out the mission of being the first totally eco-sustainable structure in Europe (it is already the greenest in Italy).

The players who come to Udine find a facility that allows them to learn the language in the shortest possible time, the lessons are also extended to the family, they have a chef who also cooks meals to take away for dinner so that they are always followed on nutritional lines.

It is a 360-degree focus involving the sportsmen but also the entire marketing side for the development of the Blue Energy arena. Another excellent example to follow is that of Sassuolo and
Frosinone. In Serie B, great growth for Venezia with the new venue and a ‘worldwide’ look at the brand’.

By the way, the event will be held at the Stadio Olimpico. You have toured many stadiums, including abroad of course. Do you think this is a necessary starting point for the relaunch of the Italian football brand, or do you think the priorities should be others?

‘Right now we absolutely have to focus on facilities because unfortunately ours are often ‘dated’ and this prevents comfortable viewing.

Unfortunately, we are not living our best moment from the point of view of sporting results, not participating in two World Cups is significant. Euro 2032 must represent a great opportunity. I believe a lot in the growth of our youth sectors, there was an increase in the number of registered players in 2022 (+36%) but these youngsters must also be followed in a school/work training path. Lega Pro and Serie B are doing a lot to create a generation of talent that can convey the right message’.

One of your most memorable moments with Sky Sport is definitely the work you did on the programme Calciomercato l’Originale. Many of the protagonists have been and will be at the Summit. Can you explain why this topic fascinates fans and is a reservoir of online traffic more than many other topics?

“I think that Calciomercato is something that makes you “dream”, let me explain: a name, a negotiation, an arrival sets in motion in the fan the expectation and consequently the dream of getting the result, then you want to know everything, anything about your “object of desire”.

And then Calciomercato l’originale is so beautiful because it offers the right mix of news, romantic football and the other aspects of life. Wonderful broadcasting’.