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SFS unveils new logo and website: the future of football is here

SFS is excited to announce an important evolution in our journey: the launch of the new logo and website. These updates have been made to enhance the communication of our numerous activities and to best reflect the growth and expansion of our event.

The new SFS logo embodies a dynamic and modern identity, representing our mission to be pioneers in the football industry. With clean lines and a contemporary design, the logo symbolizes the innovation and passion that drive every initiative. It is an emblem of change and progress, aligned with our vision of a future where football continues to evolve and conquer new horizons.

The newly revamped SFS website offers an improved user experience and provides detailed information about all our initiatives. The intuitive design and simplified navigation allow users to easily access the content of their interest. Key sections of the site include:

– SFS24: presents the dates, speakers, and main topics of the seventh edition of the summit, offering a comprehensive overview of what awaits us.

– SFS Extra Time: dedicated to the Start-Up Competition, a space for young companies innovating in the world of football, providing them with a platform to emerge and connect with investors and mentors.

– SFS Awards: the gala evening to reward excellence in the football industry, with recognitions for the best talents and the most significant innovations transforming football.

– SFS Snack: shorter, focused events in various cities around the world, created to delve into specific topics and stimulate relevant discussions.

– SFS News: the Manifesto through which we will explore innovative topics on the Football Industry, with insights and discussions on the latest trends and innovations.

These changes mark a new chapter for SFS. With a renewed image and an improved online platform, we are ready to offer an even richer and more engaging experience for all participants. Our goal is to create an environment where professionals, innovators, and football enthusiasts can connect, learn, and grow together.

We invite everyone to visit the new website at [www.socialfootballsummit.com], where you can explore how SFS is shaping the future of the football industry. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the endless possibilities the future of football has to offer. SFS continues to push beyond boundaries, redefining the rules of the game and creating unique opportunities for all those who share our passion for football. Stay connected for further updates and get ready to experience an unprecedented journey in the world of football.