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The characteristics of the Italian Serie B audience by YouGov

The characteristics of the Italian Serie B audience. Strong growth in spectators (+91%) and interested Italians (+69%) over the last two seasons

Through YouGov Profile we investigated the characteristics of the people who follow Serie B. An audience that changes slightly each season but with recurring common traits.

There are 2.5 million Italians who declare themselves interested in following the series live. This is almost 5% of the adult population, which puts Serie B at levels of interest close to those of other major sporting events in Italy.

The data reported are extracted from the tools, Yougov Profiles and SportIndex that track the interests and behaviour of over 45,000 Italians.

Among the characteristics that emerge about Serie B fans this season to highlight is the high income, well above the national average, and the strong concentration of fans in the South. 

From the point of view of attitudes and values, Serie B fans are very active people, they play sports, appreciate sportsmen who transmit positive values and act as leaders. Moreover, with a much higher incidence than the national average, the Serie B public declares itself to be very environmentally aware.

In terms of media use, Serie B fans keep themselves very informed on both traditional media (TV and press) and digital channels. Sports broadcasters are obviously very popular, while among the generalist channels, Italia Uno and Nove are the most popular. On social media, Facebook is the first platform for use.

Also through the tool, SportIndex shows a growth on several metrics regarding the following and the perception of Serie B among the public. In particular, in the last two seasons, both the live or TV audience grew (+91%) and the number of people declaring themselves interested in the event (+69%). To give a measure of comparison in the Spanish second division, the same metrics grew by only +5% and 8% respectively.