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Fashion and Football: When Worlds Begin to Merge

Team jerseys are becoming increasingly fashionable: Block Core is just one example of how these two sectors are collaborating more and more frequently. Crossovers between fashion and football are becoming more common and are increasingly winning over fans and enthusiasts. The connection between the fashion industry and the world’s most popular sport has become more apparent with each passing year. The common denominator here is club jerseys, as well as hoodies and pre-match kits. It has become quite common to […]

The situation of technical sponsors in Serie A and the rest of Europe

The picture of technical sponsors for the 2023/24 Serie A season has now been outlined, with some variations compared to the past season. It is a fairly diverse division that attests to the high competitiveness of an industry currently experiencing its peak period of activity. There will be 12 brands “playing” in the Italian top league in the just-started season. The most prominent ones, with three teams each, are the Spanish brand Joma Sport (Atalanta, Torino, and Hellas Verona) and […]


EXTRA TIME is the innovation program of the Social Football Summit, a startup competition that includes a scouting platform and a broader open innovation program. The EXTRA TIME challenge is open to teams and companies – innovative startups and SMEs – already established or to be established, residing in Italy and abroad. The goal of the call is to identify innovative proposals to apply to the football and sports industry in various areas: data and technology; fan experience; smart stadiums; gaming; wearables; youth […]

The Manifesto of the Social Football Summit: the great network of skills and training to grow the Football Industry

This year, the Social Football Summit has its own charter of intent, a Manifesto, which has the ambitious goal of strengthening the football industry. The vision of the Social Football Summit is clear: to create a platform where ideas and innovations find a common space. Institutions, companies, professionals, innovators and communicators want to institutionalize this event as an international opportunity for sharing and training. The goal? Combine different skills, often perceived as distant, in a single collaborative network. In practice, […]

Mercedes-Benz Stadium
The Three Most Recent NFL Stadiums

by Ivan Ortenzi | MBA Professor and Football Industry Lecturer American sports are synonymous with grandeur, spectacle, and entertainment. And there’s nothing more iconic in the American sports landscape than the National Football League (NFL). NFL stadiums are not just playing fields; they are true monuments to the passion of fans and the grandeur of the sports industry. Among them, some stand out for their exorbitant construction costs, making them architectural masterpieces. Here are the three most recent NFL stadiums […]

What to expect from the upcoming Social Football Summit 2023

Starting from August, on the official website of the Social Football Summit, there will be all the previews of the new project and the 6th edition, which will take place on November 21st and 22nd at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. There will be important organizational and content-related innovations that will contribute to integrating a highly appreciated and engaging format. One of these innovations will be the introduction of collateral conferences to the main event, which we have named “Snack […]

Here are the 10 most popular NFT projects in the world of football

With NFTs, many sports clubs, leagues or competitions are revolutionizing their approach to interacting with fans. The goal of these digital assets is to increase the engagement between the sports entity and its supporters, creating a practically unlimited series of products, from the official shirt to the football stickers or the stadium, everything can be transformed into Non- Fungible Token and the main feature is that these products can have an exclusive property in a specific subject, the fan. Fans […]

Champions League technical sponsors, which are the strongest brands?

The day after the draw for the tournament groups, we see how the sponsorships of the participating teams are distributed. As predicted, Nike commands, followed by Adidas and Puma. The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League officially kicked off yesterday evening. No games yet, unfortunately, but the basics necessary to know all the rounds of the tournament. In fact, the classic draw for the 32 participants took place, outlining the 8 groups with their respective seedings. A complete picture of the Big […]

Numbers and costs of all Serie A season tickets

A few days before the starting lineup of Serie A 22/23, here is the season ticket situation with all the prices and the sales situation. In addition to the various transfer market negotiations, in the last month all the various clubs have launched their season ticket campaigns with the intention of bringing more and more fans back to the stadium after the covid-related restrictions of recent years, which have severely penalized the revenues of all Italian clubs. Juventus, Salernitana and […]

Barcellona Socios
Socios still a major player by acquiring Barca Studios for 100m euros

The professional football club based in Barcelona have confirmed the sale of 24.5 per cent of the Barca Studios to the famous platform for enormous sum. This will help the Blaugrana gaining greater prestige in the market-place.


Imagine you have to decide on your investment strategy and whether and how to invest your savings. For a wise choice, you should choose to invest across different industries. I imagine that a proper decision-making strategy of yours would start with the collection of data, the so-called “fundamentals”, and their analysis. In the list of industries you have to choose from, there is an industry that features the following main elements: Heavy impact of the pandemic on business dynamics; Total […]

Serie A Scudetto
OneFootball and Serie A establish a strategic partnership

At the Stadio Olimpico in Rome for the fifth edition of the Social Football Summit, on 27/28 September 2022, a lot of space will be dedicated to projects and initiatives concerning Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. The new strategic and innovative partnership between OneFootball and Lega Serie A is precisely about blockchain. For the first time, this multi-year agreement will offer Italian football’s top league fans around the world the opportunity to buy and exchange the best action from the […]


One of the main challenges and fascinating aspects of having chosen to work in the industry of innovation as a profession – especially in the evolution of business models – is having to dare. Having to dare in making predictions, in exposing yourself in describing what will happen and why, in making assumptions and drawing evolutionary scenarios. This exposes us to some risks but also to many satisfactions that do not just make us say “I had said that” or […]

Massimo Tucci
Interview with Massimo Tucci, Director of the Social Football Summit

For the few who still don’t know it, what is the Social Football Summit? The SFS is the international event in Italy focused on the Football Industry organised by Social Media Soccer, Go Project’s agency specialised in football and esports. Every year we invite over 130 national and international top speakers in Rome for 2 days to discuss and foster opportunities among stakeholders in the world of football. This all started in 2018 and in a short time we have […]

Serie A
On 27 and 28 September, the fifth edition of the Social Football Summit. Lega Serie A is Global Partner of the SFS22.

Rome, July 18, 2022 In September, the Social Football Summit will be back, two days dedicated to the Football Industry full of meetings and news in the beautiful setting of the Stadio Olimpico. Thanks to the contributions and participation of Institutions, Federations, Leagues, Clubs, Media and Top Brands, the #SFS is still a unique reference point for innovation and content production matters. An important opportunity for football players to share and create new opportunities within a very dynamic sector. In […]

Multisoccer. The new edition of the Social Football Summit startup competition.

During previous editions of the main event in the football industry scenario many new and innovative initiatives have been pitched through the years by startups and entrepreneurs. This year too, under the influence of the Metaverse, a new innovative format of contest has been prepared for the fifth edition of the Social Football Summit. In 2018, together with ReSoccer, we created a panel jury that was gathering, probably for the first time, the main players of the football industry together […]


The fifth edition of the Social Media Soccer Summit moves to new dates in September. On 27th and 28th September 2022 the international event dedicated to the football industry will have a totally renewed format in the breathtaking setting of the Stadio Olimpico, within the Foro Italico park. The aim is always to shed light on today’s world of football thanks to the know-how and experience of international speakers and guests. The macro-areas we have chosen for this edition will […]


The countdown has started for the 5th edition of the Social Football Summit, with plenty of insights to ensure you are really ready for the most important event in the football industry in Italy.

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